by Wind In His Hair

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    Wind in his hair is a melodic neocrust band with influences ranging from atmospheric black metal to hardcore punk. The bandname refers to a first nation chief called "Wind in his hair" from the movie "Dances with wolves". The name was chosen to show solidarity with indigenous peoples and their struggles without exploiting native identity in any form.

    The lyrics are all about nature, primitivism, anarchism and respect for Mother Earth. All members are vegans (most of them also straight edge) and support the ideas of rewilding and the concepts of sustainability.

    The debut called "Earthwrecker" features five songs. An atmospheric folk intro starts the album. The following tracks combine rhythmic parts of neocrust bands like Fall of Efrafa with atmospheric and melodic elements of US black metal bands like Wolves in the Throne Room or Alda. All in all it is a very atmospheric album with calm and quiet parts, but also harsh and aggressive passages.

    The overall concept deals with finding ones place on a planet which is destroyed by modern humanity. With the last wild places being replaced with concrete wastelands the album tries to remind us, that there is no life possible on earth without respecting nature and protecting the wild.

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released February 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Wind In His Hair Berlin, Germany

Feral Crust Punk

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Track Name: The Guts Of The Land
Track Name: Sequoia
The forests are burning. Redwoods are bleeding
as you cut the flesh from their bodies.
A tree falls in vain as you strive for gain.

No second thought about the legacy you leave.
Ravish and rape the soil and the being.

The wealth you amass will bring you to your knees
as your actions will cause your death
as health is sucked from the living.

The downfall is on hand. There are a few who take a stand
stopping the chainsaw, blocking roads, linking arms.

You cant keep us down!
We're standing with the tall ones you want to use.
Climbing their crown to withdraw you from this abuse.

Some set their bodies on the line
some lose their life and freedom
to protect what was before us
for the inhabitants of pure wisdom:
the forest and its dwellers.

As they cut down the last old trees,
they cut down our future
of freedom and wildness.

Sequoia. The giants must live
for they hold age old truth of life in harmony.
The giants must live for they hold age old truth.
The trees must live for life in harmony.
Track Name: Old Light
Life is interconnected.
We are related to all.

Still no respect for the living.
The awareness is lost to involve the whole.

The death of a living being does mean nothing!
No meaning, no necessity.
Your body is not in need.
You have no mouth to feed.
Your survival does not depend
on this life to end.

There is no dignity.
Where is your integrity
to destroy a life so pure
regardless of our brotherhood.

Minds will be changed!
Consciousness will return!
Some day even you will see,
that we need each other.

Life is interconnected.
We are related to all.
Lost all respect for the beings around.
The awareness is lost to involve the whole.

We have seen it all. We can watch them every day.

We have seen the trees falling down.
We have seen the innocent suffering.
We have seen developers gloating
and machines destroying everything.

But the masses still stay silent, watched by their oppressors.
Being silenced by artificial gods, false idols and enslaving drugs.
Being fed with brazen lies, bitter pills and voiceless cries.

We will awake to this world a new.
An old and known light
will shine for all life.
Track Name: Earthwrecker
This is what a collapse looks like.
Gasping for air that is foul hanging above the barren land.
Thirsting for a quenching swallow of water.
But the chemical loaded flaming wet running from the tap
speaks of insanity and death.

Stolen land, once rich and abundant
providing for the people that took care thousands of years.
Stolen ground, now merely a wasteland.
The knowledge of Mother Earth consumed by your ruthless greed.

The tribes sworn to the great law of peace stand in defence.
Longing for freedom against the tarsands ripping reign
of corruption and degradation.

Standing strong! Blocking roads!
Linking arms! Defending the earth!
Throwing their tools to the ground!
For anarchy and freedom!

Standing strong! Blocking roads!
Defeat the thieves! Linking arms!
Track Name: Black Bark, Red Roots
These roots and branches won't save me anymore.
And if they can't, who else could?
These trees I adore are still dying.
There is no way out! No place to hide!

How can I exist, how can I find my way
when their wooden hearts stop beating?
When all their twigs are dry.
When their bark is burned.
When all their leaves, joined the wind on his journey.

How can we live in a world like this?
Where hate rules and ignorance is bliss.
Where others carry our lives in their hands.

How will I ever be free in this once living world?